About Me:

I first started programming at 12 years old during a summer camp and haven't stopped since. I continued throughout high school when I built and deployed a number of websites & apps, including "Where's Mr. Dot?", a personal favorite of mine. From high school, I developed a love of both physics and business, which led me to pursue a degree in physics at the University of New Hampshire in 2016. During my time there, I have developed a strong network in the entreprenuership community on campus, and won mutliple awards in the area, including the Paul J. Holloway Innovation to Market Competition and the 2017 Summer Seed Grant, both of which were won with Droppn, a social media service I worked on from 2016-2018. Throughout my time at UNH, I have maintained a love for science, technology, and business, and continue to work as a programmer with Ground Energy Support, a startup working to improve geothermal heatpump monitoring. Currently, I am interested in working for post-seed to mid-stage companies developing SAAS products related to economic development and scientific data analysis/collection.

What I Do:

Throughout my time at UNH I participated in a vast number of entrepreneurial activities and interdisciplinary business ventures, which have given me a unique perspective and experience in the New Hampshire business community. I have been participating in the New Hampshire and Massachusetts startup and tech community since I was a freshman, building connections with seasoned and burgeoning executives. I have started several companies, two of which are ongoing and continue to provide an excellent avenue for learning and continuing my education. I have direct experience with multiple forms of pitching, having won the 2017 Paul J. Holloway Innovation to Market Competition as a freshman at UNH with Droppn, a social media startup, as well as moving onto the semi-finals of the same competition in 2019 with my medical software venture MDRemindME. My skills as both a seasoned software developer, physics student, and entrepreneur have allowed me to view business and the entrepreneurial process from a scientific and business angle, allowing me to develop a unique (and useful) philosophy on the process of starting and building companies. I've proven myself as an effective leader and co-worker, and continue to build these skills as a founding member of MDRemindME, LLC, a patient compliance software platform.

I have extensive experience in building data products, customized analytics interfaces, and full stack web development. I specialize in Django, Python, and relational databases (SQL or otherwise). I primarily work with large scientific datasets, producing software and analyzing data for both consumers and professionals.

I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science from the University of New Hampshire in Physics (focus in Astrophysics) in Spring of 2020. During my time I have melded my experience in computer systems to enhance the effectiveness of my degree, applying my knowledge to build a skill set in data analysis, theory, and data visualization. I have focused primarily on gravitational physics, with an interest in working on relativistic and electromagnetic effects of large-scale cosmic structures. I have also worked as a research assistant at UNH, where I was responsible for identifying portions of data from the CODIF instrument on the Cluster II mission (ESA) which have been affected by encounters with the radiation belt and running algorithms to clean the data from these effected encounters.

Contact Me

Email: mam1101 AT wildcats.unh.edu

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